The Cinema Foundation is an all-industry 501(c)3 non-profit that uses data and collaboration to promote and expand the cinema industry.

Its mission is to “advance the moviegoing experience, by developing future diverse workforces and moviegoing communities through research, education, and philanthropy.”

The Foundation’s efforts are focused on its five guiding pillars to help advance the moviegoing experience:

1. Invest in Data and Research: Building relationships and growing the industry through comprehensive data and research

2. Promote the Moviegoing Experience: Develop and implement all-industry initiatives like National Cinema Day to grow audiences and promote the industry.

3. Celebrate Cinema Careers, Education, and Diversity: Celebrating and promoting the industry as a great place to work via recruitment campaigns, training programs, and opportunities for career growth.

4. Build a Center for Innovation and Technology: Create a cross-industry innovation think-tank where thought leaders will help develop and test initiatives focused on industry growth

5. Support Industry Charities: Partner with existing industry charities to expand their impact and reach and amplify their messaging and programming.

The movie theater industry includes more than movie theaters. It is made up of key partners including filmmakers, studios, content providers, equipment and concession manufacturers, data and technology companies, and more who depend on the strength of theatrical exhibition and the communities we serve. We are the Foundation of a great industry.